IT and PLM

Provide your engineers and managers access the right data, fast, confident that it is always traceable to its source.

Materials are referenced throughout the product lifecycle, e.g., within CAD, PLM, and CAE tools. These references can come from many different sources, risking inconsistencies and making change control difficult. With GRANTA MI you ensure consistency and control. From initial assignment, using our apps with CAD or PLM, to choosing full material models for CAE, your engineers and managers access the right data, fast, and can be confident that it is always traceable to its source.

Support for product engineering

GRANTA MI integrates a single, centrally managed and approved source of materials data into the product design and development process. Save time, ensure consistency, reduce risk.


“We want them to all be using the same version of the steel so we have less rework, better products, no product recalls, and fewer warranty issues.”
General Motors

Implementation support

You know that successful IT projects require careful planning and excellent execution. Our Services team applies its experience of dozens of enterprise materials information management to ensure a smooth process, and to transfer the knowledge that you need to maintain and evolve the system.


Integrate with leading PLM

Granta maintains tight integrations with leading CAD and PLM systems. Make materials information an integral part of your PLM strategy. Partnerships include Siemens PLM Teamcenter and PTC Windchill. We have also integrated GRANTA MI with Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE.

The video shows one example integration – with the Teamcenter platform.


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PLM/CAD white paper

“Material Intelligence for Enterprise CAD and PLM”. In this Granta White Paper, we examine the trends and best practices in CAD, PLM, and materials information management, identify key requirements for integrating these technologies, and provide examples of addressing this challenge.