Design and Development

Save time, increase understanding, gain confidence as you make critical choices in conceptual or product design.

Granta combines access to the best available materials information with the leading system for managing your own materials data and targeted tools to support materials decisions. The result? You can save time, increase understanding, and gain confidence as you make critical choices in conceptual design, or product design and development.

Consistent materials information for design and development

GRANTA MI enables you to integrate a single, centrally managed and approved source of materials data into the product design and development process. You can ensure consistency and control. From initial assignment, using our apps with CAD or PLM, to choosing full material models for CAE, you can access the right data, fast, and be confident that it is always fully traceable to its source.


Materials subject matter experts

GRANTA Selector is PC-based software that puts a comprehensive library of materials data on your desktop, combined with powerful tools to help make good materials decisions. You can: find, plot, and compare materials data; guide materials selection; explore materials substitution and equivalency problems; inform lightweighting with hybrid materials; and gain insight into eco design.


Industrial designers

GRANTA MI is used to inspire industrial design teams through better use of materials knowledge, while ensuring that the colors, textures and surface finishes that they specify are achievable, and are accurately translated into engineering requirements.

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