Materials Producers

Product lifecycle management for materials

Robust, traceable test data management

For maximum return on investment from your materials testing and qualification programs you need to securely and traceably manage the entire materials data lifecycle, from capture to determination of design allowable values. Granta enables this process, and supports you in deploying the results of analysis for use in marketing products or supporting customers.


The specialist tools you need for composites and additive manufacturing

Application areas such as composites and additive manufacturing require specialist data structures and tools to manage the complex data and inter-relationships generated by design, build, and testing processes. The aim is to enable optimization and qualification of materials where properties can vary dramatically based on factors such as fabrication and operating conditions, process routes, and part geometry.


Support market analysis and technical marketing

GRANTA Selector is used by materials producers to support product development and in technical marketing. Analyze the materials market to find gaps that could be filled by new solutions, or new applications for current materials. Communicate the advantages of your materials with clear, compelling property charts. Save time and cost by exploring solutions before costly development and testing.


Plastic parts

GRANTA MI:Restricted Substances

Enable best practice strategies to minimize substance risk and access practical analytics, reporting, and decision-making tools.


Comprehensive materials data

Find all of the property data that you need covering metals, plastics, composites, and more in the Granta data library.


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“CES Selector allows us to develop these concepts and gives us really good tools for actually going out and selling materials..”

Dr Alan Wood,

Customers include

  • Victrex Polymer Solutions
  • Arconic
  • Hexcel
  • Owens Coming
  • Johnson Matthey