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Material intelligence for fast-moving markets

Consistent accurate data across product engineering

Materials are referenced throughout the product lifecycle, e.g., within CAD and PLM. These references can come from many different sources, risking inconsistencies and making change control difficult. With GRANTA MI you can get this data under control, and share it enterprise-wide, lowering risk and increasing efficiency.


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Support Virtual engineering with the right data

Is your company making significant investments in simulation packages such as ANSYS, Altair, Abaqus/CAE or Hypermesh? Ensure a return on that investment with the right materials input data. Guarantee full traceability, increase confidence in results and re-use of data, and enable a more efficient workflow between CAD and CAE.


Make smart materials choices, earlier in design

GRANTA Selector is PC-based software that aids critical decisions on materials, processes, and eco design. You can use it to support materials selection, performing in-depth analyses to identify optimal materials and process choices. CES Selector provides specialist design tools, including for lightweight hybrid materials. And you can easily plot and compare the properties of metals, plastics, and composites.


GRANTA MI:Restricted Substances

Enable best practice strategies to minimize substance risk and access practical analytics, reporting, and decision-making tools.


The Business Case for Materials Information Management White Paper

The impact of materials information on productivity, innovation, cost, and risk in the engineering enterprise


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