Solutions by Industry

Making material intelligence work across a broad range of manufacturing industries.

Aerospace and defense

Get your materials information under control, enabling maximum innovation for minimum risk.


Material intelligence for accelerated design and development, driving success in product engineering.

Industrial Equipment

Enable the right materials strategy, making smart materials decisions.

Consumer Products

Material intelligence for fast-moving markets – the right information, when and where it is needed.

Energy and Nuclear

Best practice materials information management, supporting highly-regulated, safety-conscious industries with long project timescales.

Healthcare products

Make the right materials decisions: choices that determine performance, cost, and risk.

Materials Producers

Product lifecycle management for materials – manage data from concept to production and use.

Oil and Gas

Ensure reliability and meet standards with tools that guarantee robust processes.

Research and Government

Save time in research projects.  Reduce risk and increase service life for vital infrastructure and services.