Material Intelligence for CAD, PLM, and Industry 4.0

Arthur Fairfull, Stephen Warde, Stuart Baker, Peter Cherns - updated 2019.

Materials information is important. Your company needs to invest in managing this information. And it needs to integrate that managed information with enterprise CAD and PLM systems.

Why? Because materials are one of the four fundamental factors (together with function, shape, and manufacturing processes) in design decisions for every product. The choice of material(s) has profound impact on reliability, manufacturability, cost, and environmental impact.

In this White Paper, we present: an overview of materials information management for PLM community readers; an introduction to enterprise CAD, PLM, and associated concepts for materials community readers; and an assessment of best practice approaches to integrating these two essential domains. The benefits of doing so are improved productivity, traceability, consistency, and time-to-market in product development.

GRANTA MI support for CAD & PLM

Read about MI:Product Engineering, the Granta solution for integrating managed materials data with enterprise CAD and PLM.