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The Business Case for Material Intelligence

The impact of materials information on productivity, innovation, cost, and risk in the engineering enterprise

If your organization makes or designs products, it uses materials. Information about these materials is vital, often with multi-million dollar impact. In other areas of product engineering, digital transformation is already highly embedded – for example, CAE, CAD, and CAM are now ‘must haves’ for every manufacturing enterprise. Software technology to manage and effectively apply materials information had lagged behind – but this is changing, rapidly. In this white paper, we explore why this is, with materials information management increasingly established as a core engineering technology. Includes extensive case study and return on investment information.


Material Intelligence for CAD, PLM, and Industry 4.0

Materials information is important. Your company needs to invest in managing this information. And it needs to integrate that managed information with enterprise CAD and PLM systems. In this White Paper, we present: an overview of materials information management for PLM community readers; an introduction to enterprise CAD, PLM, and associated concepts for materials community readers; and an assessment of best practice approaches to integrating these two essential domains. The benefits of doing so are improved productivity, traceability, consistency, and time-to-market in product development.

GRANTA Selector – The Missing Link for Optimal Product Design

Your business success is intimately linked with the success of your products. As a result, you invest huge amounts of time and money in optimizing your product development processes. You optimize your product design by providing your product designers with the latest CAD tools. You optimize your product performance by giving your analysts the latest simulation tools. But what do you do to optimize your choice of materials?


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Additive Manufacturing Schema Summary

At Granta Design, we have decided to share with the Additive Manufacturing community key elements of the ‘Schema’ (the underlying data structures) behind our Additive Manufacturing data management solution. We aim to support the development of Standards and to promote the value of systematically managing AM data.


Biocompatibility paper

An updated version of the paper ‘Biocompatibility: A key functional requirement of next-generation medical and combination devices’ originally published in Toxicological Pathology 36:70-80, 2008. Published here with the permission of the journal.  Authors: Michael Helmus, Sarah Egan, David Cebon.

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