Training Services

Get the training that you need to apply Granta software or to get the most from your materials data. Granta offers on-site or on-line training options.

GRANTA MI training

Granta provides training to help you with any aspect of the implementation or use of Granta software. Training can be conducted via the Web or in person. Regular online and in-person training is also a benefit of Consortium membership.

Options include:

  • GRANTA MI Administrator training – supports administrator users who develop and manage GRANTA MI databases. Usually given as part of an Implementation Project. Typically two 2-day sessions at your site. Can also be given separately to new users.
  • End-user training – short training sessions for end-users of Granta apps. Covers topics such as searching, generating reports, exporting data, and Granta’s data products.
  • Top-up training – for users who have already been through the GRANTA MI Administrator course, short additional training sessions cover specific aspects of the system or new features. Usually done remotely via an online meeting.
  • Specialist training – specialized one-to-one training/support on the more advanced options for applying GRANTA MI, such as implementing in-house tools or configuring GRANTA MI reports.
  • Train the trainer – help in designing internal training courses for delivery by your in-house technical team, ensuring that your users get the most out of GRANTA MI.


GRANTA Selector training

In addition to the Getting Started, Training Library, and Certification resources available form the GRANTA Selector Support page, the Ansys Granta team are also available to assist with the application of GRANTA Selector:

  • 1.5 hours standard web training:—Overview of selection methodologies, material indices and the application of selection and comparison tools. Session includes: presentations, demonstrations, and material selection case studies.
  • 1.5 hours advanced web training:—For users who are familiar with the core tools and functionality of GRANTA Selector, but are looking for guidance and assistance on how to apply them to their specific scenarios
  • 1 day on-site training: ‘GRANTA Selector workshop’ (for min of 5 users)—Review of selection methodologies, material indices, advanced software features, and selection tools. Includes: presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on case studies based on your requirements.

Interested in training?

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