ANSYS sample materials data

AnsysANSYS Granta is the materials information team within ANSYS, Inc. A sample set of Granta materials property data is available with each copy of ANSYS Workbench. This page guides you to options for accessing enhanced datasets.

What is the sample data?

The Granta sample data available with ANSYS Workbench provides a small number of properties for selected common materials, including metals, polymers, ceramics, and woods.

It is drawn from Granta’s comprehensive MaterialUniverse dataset.

GRANTA Materials Data for Simulation

From ANSYS 2019 R2 onwards, a new dataset GRANTA Materials Data for Simulation is available embedded with ANSYS Mechanical.  This provides extended simulation-ready data on over 600 materials across the full range of engineering materials.

GRANTA MI corporate material intelligence

GRANTA MI is the leading system for managing corporate materials information in engineering enterprises. MI:Materials Gateway integration means that you can access managed company data directly within ANSYS Workbench. Ensure the same consistent, traceable materials definitions are used by all CAD/CAE users across the enterprise.

GRANTA Selector materials selection

Through Granta’s PC-based CES Selector software, access the full Granta materials data library within specialist tools to help you solve real materials problems. Search and browse the data, create powerful property charts to analyze it and make materials selections, and export properties for use in ANSYS simulation.