GRANTA MI for Test Data Management

Ensure that your organization gets maximum return on investment from your materials testing and qualification programs

Capture and manage test data for all materials types – metals, plastics, composites.

Analyze data to generate robust properties for design and simulation. Ensure full traceability and auditability throughout the process.

Key benefits

Increase productivity by avoiding hours wasted looking for data, and unnecessary repeats of materials tests.

Maximize your use of corporate IP: ensure zero data loss and avoid wasted investment.

Save costs and reduce time to market: multi-million dollar benefits for larger organizations.

Reduce risks of errors that lead to delays, quality issues, or legal liabilities.

Get more performance from products: more and better data helps optimize design allowables.


Curve data in MI:Explore

Filtering and viewing test data in a web app

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The Granta solution for test data management has been developed in collaboration with leading engineering enterprises in the Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC).

Reference data

Authoritative third party reference data such as MMPDS aero alloys or CAMPUS Plastics help you to fill gaps, compare, and qualify your test results.