Materials selection

GRANTA Selector is the standard tool for materials selection. Innovate, evolve products, solve materials problems, confirm and validate your choices.
GRANTA Selector provides a suite of software tools and materials property data to support systematic materials selection. Combine consideration of engineering, economic, and environmental properties.

GRANTA Selector is the new name for the refreshed CES Selector product from the November 2020 release.  The video shows the previous CES Selector release.

Key benefits

  • Get materials choices right first time during early-stage product development, avoiding later costs and delays
  • Gain confidence in your decisions and generate new ideas through a systematic, exhaustive search of materials options
  • Apply an auditable, repeatable process, so you can validate results and ensure consistency across engineering teams
  • Consider engineering performance alongside factors such as cost, restricted substance risk, and eco-impact.

Selecting materials using a property chart

How do we do it?

GRANTA Selector provides a comprehensive set of materials property data and tools which, when combined, enable you to implement the systematic rational materials selection methodology developed by Professor Mike Ashby and collaborators at the University of Cambridge. Quick and easy tools to identify materials with a similar property profile to a reference material also help to find equivalents and make material substitutions.

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Data and tools

Get the data you need; plot, analyze, and compare that data. Make the right decisions and communicate them in a compelling manner.