GRANTA Selector

Selector Video Smart materials choices

The standard tool for materials selection and graphical analysis of materials properties

CES Selector is now GRANTA Selector - a refreshed product with even better support for key materials decisions.

Materials selection

GRANTA Selector is the standard tool for materials selection.  Innovate, evolve products,  solve materials problems, confirm and validate your choices.

Data and tools

An unrivalled combination of materials data and tools to plot, analyze, and compare that data. Make the right decisions and communicate them in a compelling manner.

Success stories

See how GRANTA Selector has been used by organizations including Burberry, Chip Ganassi Racing Teams, Fortune Brands, Honeywell, Tecumseh, and Novo Nordisk.

How we do it

Find out about the methods behind GRANTA Selector and our MaterialUniverse data, ensuring  exhaustive, repeatable, and auditable materials selection.


Access resources covering GRANTA Selector, including videos, webinars, datasheets, and training.

Latest release

Find out what’s new in GRANTA Selector 2020 – a refreshed, renamed product with even better support for key materials decisions.