Circular Economy 100 Group

Granta Design is a member of the CE100 programme, which is run by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

The CE100 include leading companies, universities, and emerging innovators, and is developing new approaches and tools to lead the transition to a ‘circular economy’. A circular economy is one that is: restorative by intention; aims to rely on renewable energy; minimizes use of toxic chemicals; and eradicates waste through careful design. Decisions about materials are central to this vision.


BoM Analyzer

GRANTA MI:Product Intelligence

Exclusive access for CE100 members

Based on GRANTA MI, the leading system for managing corporate materials and process information, MI:Product Intelligence is a suite of tools to help you minimize environmental, regulatory, and supply chain risk, and increase resource efficiency for designs and products. Import, build, and edit Bills of Materials to describe your products or designs through a simple-to-use web app. Then run reports on:

  • Restricted substance (REACH) risk
  • Critical and conflict materials risk
  • Streamlined life cycle assessment (Eco Audit)
  • Product circularity: metrics developed in collaboration with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Current CE100 members can try these tools via an on-line portal at no cost. All we ask is that you provide feedback on the tools and their relevance to your work.



Life Plus logoCollaborative projects

Granta has also worked closely with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and other partners in two collaborative projects relating to the Circular economy.

Circular Economy Metrics (LIFE+) included Cisco, Desso, Dorel, Kingfisher, Nespresso, and Rolls-Royce. It developed a novel product-level Material Circularity Indicator, which you can now try out as part of the MI:Product Intelligence access (above).

ResCom includes KTH, Fraunhofer, TU Delft, INSEAD, Eurostep, Ideal & Co, Gorenje, Tedrive Steering, Loewe, and Bugaboo. It is developing a collaborative software platform for the industrial implementation of closed-loop manufacturing systems.

Trial MI:Product Intelliegence

Current CE100 members can try MI:Product Intelligence via an on-line portal at no cost. All we ask is that you provide feedback on the tools and their relevance to your work

Collaborative R&D Projects

Granta is actively engaged industry collaborative R&D projects on topics including additive manufacturing, computation, materials design, and sustainability.