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September 2017
16 DDD East Anglia,
Cambridge, UK
17-22 EUROMAT,
Thessaloniki, Greece
18-21 SEFI, Azores Islands, Portugal
19 Altair UK, Gaydon, UK
19-21 Composites Europe, Stuttgart, Germany
12 GRANTA MI monthly training
13 Additive Manufacturing: state-of-the-art inspection methods and powder analysis
14 Case Study Session:
Transportation: Truck trailer lightweighting case study
20 Finding plastics for safety-critical applications (with UL)
20 Service teaching - Engaging students from other departments in materials
21 Direct Access to Simulation-ready Materials Data within Abaqus/CAE (SIMULIA webinar)
27 Outils pour l’enseignement – les trésors contenus dans CES EduPack (Francais)
28 Selección de Materiales Automotrices – De principio a fin (Español)
28 L'usine du futur et Safran Aircraft Engines : les matériaux au coeur de la continuité numérique (Francais)
26 Russian Seminar & CES Selector Workshop, MISIS, Moscow, Russia
October 2017
8-12 MS&T, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
9-10 Altair East, Detroit, MI, USA
10-13 GEDC, Niagra Falls, Canada
10-11 SIMULIA RUM France,
Velizy, France
11-12 ASD Days, Paris, France
11-12 MTC for Additive Manufacturing,
Munich, Germany
18-19 Rendez-vous Carnot,
Paris, France
Cheshire, UK
23-25 SF2M, Lyon, France
23-25 Amercian Society for Composites Meeting, West Lafayette, IN, USA
23-25 Siemens PLM Connection Europe, Berlin, Germany
24-26 Space Tech Expo Europe, Bremen, Germany
5 Nouvelles idées pour l’enseignement en génie mécanique et matériaux (Francais)
18 Herramientas para potenciar el aprendizaje en todos los niveles de estudio (Español)
18 Materials in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing: the view of textbook authors
19 Materials shortage? Don't lose time in identifying alternatives (a CES Selector 2018 case study)
26 Empowering Product Engineering with consistent, accurate materials definitions in CAD and PLM
8 CES Selector Workshop, MS&T, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
17-19 EMIT Consortium Meeting, Airbus, Marseilles, France
25 CES EduPack Workshop, ASC, West Lafayette, IN, USA
November 2017
1-2 Advanced Engineering UK, Birmingham, UK
1-3 JEC Asia, Seoul, Korea
5-8 IMECE, Tampa, FL, USA
8-9 Composites Meetings, Nantes, France
14-16 CIM 2017, Colombia
26-1 Dec MRS Fall Meeting,
Boston, MA, USA
15 Ashby Award Winner Amy Moll on Transforming Materials Teaching
29 What else can you do with CES EduPack? Advanced databases and tools for Capstone Design courses
8 Seminar: 'What does it take to achieve material intelligence?', Coventry, UK
8-9 Granta N. European User Group Meeting, Coventry, UK
December 2017
10-13 AAEE, Sydney, Australia
January 2018
8-12 SciTech Forum,
Kissimmee, FL, USA
16-18 MDMC Meeting, Lawrence Livermore National Labs
March 2018
6-8 JEC World, Paris, France
11-15 TMS Annual Meeting,
Phoenix, AZ, USA
20-21 Business Convention for Additive Manufacturing,
Lyon, France
TBA D-A-CH Seminar and UGM, Vienna, Austria
April 2018
5-6 10th International Materials Education Symposium, Cambridge, UK
8-12 AMUG, St Louis, MO, USA
10-12 WCX, Detroit, MI, USA
15-18 COE Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, USA
23-26 Rapid + TCT,
Fort Worth, TX, USA
23-27 Hannover Messe,
Hannover, Germany
TBA APAC Seminar and UGM, Tokyo, Japan
May 2018
TBA French Seminar & UGM,
Paris, France
June 2018
4-7 Siemens PLM Connection Americas, Phoenix, AZ, USA
17-20 LiveWorx, Boston, MA, USA
18-21 Science in the Age of Experience, Boston, MA, USA
24-27 ASEE,
Salt Lake City, UT, USA

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