Watch this webinar to find out why and how major aerospace enterprises manage and use materials information. Honeywell explains how they plan, implement, and apply their materials information systems using the GRANTA MI software, and the outline the resulting benefits.

Watch this webinar

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What you will learn

  • Learn about the importance of materials information management to leading aerospace enterprises.
  • Hear how Honeywell Aerospace planned and progressed their materials information management system, and learn from their experience of using it.
  • See the latest version of the GRANTA MI materials information management software in action, and understand how it simplifies the use of complex materials data and gives you confidence in its pedigree.
  • See how you can make it easy to find approved materials from within CAD or CAE, and assign their properties directly to design or simulation models.  This ensures accurate weight roll-ups, and reliable, representative CAE.


Doug Hall of Honeywell Aerospace has 25 years experience in stress and life analysis on critical jet engine components. He specializes in damage tolerance, fatigue, fracture, and other theoretical disciplines that improve safe-life and reliability prediction. His current role is in Materials & Processes Engineering, developing, deploying and improving material properties databases and data management best practices to support stress engineers for multiple Honeywell Aerospace product lines.

Will Marsden is Granta’s Product Director for Aerospace, Defense & Energy. His experience includes research at Rolls-Royce and DERA, and management of the composites group for a finite element software organization. He coordinates the work of the Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC).