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Materials data is essential for accurate simulation. Join this webinar to learn how ensuring access to the right materials data, in the correct, error-free format can benefit your organization.

It’s often difficult and time-consuming to find the right materials input data for your simulation project. Whether that data comes from external reference sources, or is provided by in-house teams based on the results of your company’s materials testing and analysis, you typically have to spend time tracking down the data you need. Once you have found it, you may still be uncertain whether it is the most up-to-date available version of the data, whether it accurately represents the same grade of the material being specified in design or manufacturing, or whether it’s consistent with the data colleagues may be using for other simulation work in your project. And you may still have to invest time and risk error transforming it into a format that can be read by your simulation code.

In this webinar, materials information expert Dr Jan Girman from the Granta team at ANSYS will show how to connect your simulation software to a reliable, ‘gold source’ for company materials information, ensuring fast access to traceable, up-to-date, and consistent input data enterprise-wide. Richard Mitchell, product manager for structures at ANSYS, will demonstrate the use of this data within the ANSYS Mechanical software suite.

You will learn how to:

  • Save time and avoid errors by providing the right materials data to engineers, directly within their CAE environment
  • Enable efficient, accurate derivation of simulation data from tests, with full traceability
  • Manage materials property data and materials models to maximize reuse and increase confidence
  • Connect the material datasets used in CAD and CAE, enabling gaps to be filled early on, minimizing delays
  • Get insight into materials libraries including composites, metals, polymers and additive manufacturing.

Contact: webinar@ansys.com


April 25, 2019
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Dr. Jan Girman is the Product Owner for the GRANTA MI Product Engineering solutions. After completing his PhD in the field of medical materials (specifically for orthopaedic applications) at Cambridge University, he joined the Granta Design Services Team, where he worked as an Implementation Consultant for three years before moving to the Product Management Team and his current position

Richard Mitchell is the principal product marketing manager for structures. He joined ANSYS in 2006 working in pre-sales and support roles across a wide range of industries. Before this, Richard was an ANSYS user working for a high-tech company in the UK. He worked as an analyst on space and vacuum tube technologies



  • Los Angeles: 08:00
  • New York: 11:00
  • London: 16:00