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Are you doing everything you can to minimize the risk of REACH and other restricted substance regulations? A particular challenge is how to analyze risk for legacy products alongside new designs. In both cases, there is a similar challenge: how to efficiently analyze the Bills of Materials (BoMs) that represent them.

In this webinar, we’ll explore how to optimize this process. Learn how the new MI:BoM Analyzer 3.0 and MI:BoM Store in GRANTA MI Version 12 enable enhanced and dynamic analytics, including scenario analyses. Capture and link vital data on materials, specifications, and substances, and connect it to BoM data to identify product risks and track them as legislation changes.

What you will learn

  • Hear why it is important to analyze BoMs for restricted substance risk, and how this avoids compliance problems
  • See how to identify risk hot spots, targeting effort where it is needed (as explained by ECHA guidance on Article Compliance)
  • Learn how the GRANTA MI:Restricted Substances solution combines analysis tools with comprehensive data to fill gaps in in-house knowledge
  • Understand how a best practice approach differs from conventional compliance data gathering approaches and systems
  • See new technology for organizing and analyzing BoMs that enhances this solution and supports the emerging IPC-1754 standard.

Who should take part?

  • Product Stewards and REACH Specialists – find out about best practice approaches to restricted substance risk that go beyond routine compliance reporting
  • Materials & Process Engineers – learn about the vital connection between materials and restricted substance problems, and how you can help to reduce regulatory risk for your company
  • Purchasing and Supplier Risk Specialists – see how effective analysis of products and designs can minimize supply chain risk
  • Corporate Compliance and Risk Specialists – understand why restricted substances are important to your company’s risk strategy, and what to do about them.


January 16, 2019
10:00 am - 11:00 am


Will Martin, Product Manager, Restricted Substances, is responsible for the development of Granta’s Restricted Substances solution within the EMIT Consortium. Will has worked extensively in the automotive sector, working with industry to respond to the challenges of implementing the End of Life Vehicles (ELV) Directive and REACH Regulation throughout the supply chain. For the last seven years, Will has also been working within the aerospace industry through the EMIT Consortium and other industry groups, bringing his automotive experience to bear on the challenges faced by aerospace and other industry sectors in dealing with restricted substance compliance and associated business risks.

Broadcast 1


  • London: 10:00
  • Paris: 11:00
  • Singapore: 18:00
  • Canberra: 21:00

Broadcast 2


  • LA: 09:00
  • New York: 12:00
  • London: 17:00