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Guest speakers: Dr Jamie O’Hare and Nicholas Morley from Oakdene Hollins

Watch this webinar to learn how leading engineering organizations are responding to the business risks associated with critical materials and conflict minerals.


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About the Guest Speaker

Nicholas Morley is a founder and director of Oakdene Hollins and has seventeen years consulting experience in innovation and environmental sustainability, including substitution of chemicals and materials, clean production technologies and recycling/re-use. 

He has led Oakdene Hollins’ research on critical materials since 2006.  He is the joint author of the 2008 materials criticality study for the UK Government, a contributor to the study for the JRC Energy and Transport on bottleneck materials in strategic energy technologies, and also to the study on the recycling of critical materials.  Nick has advised the Division of Economic Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Japanese Government on rare earths and has contributed to an expert workshop on critical materials research in the USA at the invitation of DG Research.  He has presented widely internationally on materials criticality issues, including at EU Raw Material Initiative workshops, EU-US and UK-German collaborative workshops on materials criticality, various UK conferences and for BBC radio programmes.

He has also been the managing director of a company processing critical materials (tungsten) with direct experience of supply chain issues and attitudes of procurers.

Oakdene Hollins is a specialized sustainability and techno-economic consultancy.  It has a strong reputation in raw material risk studies and has carried out a series of them for European and UK clients since its first study for the UK government in 2008.

The company was started in 1994 and over the past nineteen years has expanded its interests to include:

  • advising businesses on emerging environmental markets and investment decisions
  • technical consulting in sustainable products and in resource-related issues
  • assessing emerging technologies
  • policy analysis and impact assessment for public sector clients such, the European Commission, OECD, UK Department of Environment, and the UK Environment Agency
  • labelling, certification and sustainability R&D programmes.

Oakdene Hollins is one of the leading European sources of information and expertise in resource economics and materials criticality.  It has been extensively involved in the materials security area, the recovery of these materials and the UK materials recovery infrastructure in general.  The company has authored several reports within the materials security field, ranging from the classification of critical materials to examining where opportunities for their recovery will occur in the future.  It is currently leading a consortium updating the Critical Raw Material list for the European Commission.


About Granta’s Critical Materials Data Module

Granta’s Critical Materials Data Module enables you to identify and understand supply risk for the materials used in your organization based on factors such as geopolitical risk, physical scarcity, co-production risk, conflict mineral risk, and price volatility. Join the webinar to see it in action, and hear how such tools are helping with data-driven risk assessment of materials supply risks, and the mitigating action which organizations are able to take.

The GRANTA MI web browser interface allows you to browse the contents of the Critical Materials Data Module (left) or search those contents. Individual element datasheets provide data relating to supply risk (right).

The GRANTA MI web browser interface allows you to browse the contents of the Critical Materials Data Module (left) or search those contents. Individual element datasheets provide data relating to supply risk.


October 1, 2012