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Granta provides resources and support for anyone teaching materials or related topics across the full range of disciplines in engineering, science, design, and sustainability. Our engaging, interactive, visual CES EduPack platform, and expansive Granta Education Hub, support students from an Introductory level through to advanced design projects. We coordinate a series of annual Materials Education Symposia.

Granta Presentation

October 15, 2019

We will be demonstrating
Accelerated Materials Development enabled by Collaborative Materials Information Management and Analytical Tools


Dr. Tatiana V. Vakhitova holds a PhD Degree from University of Cambridge Engineering Department, Centre for Sustainable Development. At ANSYS Granta she leads development of teaching resources in an area of Sustainable Development and Materials, working closely with Prof. Mike Ashby. Tatiana is a principal development manager of the University Relations Team. She is also responsible for coordinating our activities in an EU project on Sustainable Critical Materials (SUSCRITMAT). Tatiana has several publications on topics ranging from social and environmental impact assessment, CSR, circular economy to sustainability teaching. She is an experienced educator and facilitator, has delivered various trainings, workshops and lectures at universities and international events around the world.


Integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) is the full integration of processing-microstructure-property-performance relationships at various length scales, wherein the linkages from processing all the way up to performance can be made and utilized [1]. To realize the full potential of ICME, it is essential to integrate both computationally based and experimental data over the entire materials data life cycle and at various lengths in the same materials information management system.

More accurate modeling will require more data to be measured, predicted, compared, stored and fully tracked. As a provider of the effective enterprise level materials information management system, Granta Design has been involved in many collaborative projects on computational materials science, composites, additive manufacturing, advanced metallurgy, etc. Collaborative ICME projects between academics and industries are good examples of accelerating materials development and creating values through sharing information.

In this contribution, we will share our views on how to successfully collaborate on materials knowledge, especially for projects with involvement of industrial end users. We will also give an example of the software for materials data analysis and visualization to enable materials-related decisions and communication of the results in a compelling manner.


October 15, 2019


Leninsky Ave, 4,
Moskva, 119049 Russia