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About Granta:

Granta provides resources and support for anyone teaching materials or related topics across the full range of disciplines in engineering, science, design, and sustainability. Our engaging, interactive, visual CES EduPack platform, and expansive Granta Education Hub, support students from an Introductory level through to advanced design projects. We coordinate a series of annual Materials Education Symposia.

Granta Presentation

We will be demonstrating
Informed Additive Manufacturing Teaching and Research Based on Materials Data


Luca Masi is a Principal Development Manager at Granta Design, and Aerospace Engineer with R&D experience in multi-objective optimization and bio-inspired computational techniques for automatic design of interplanetary space trajectories (University of Strathclyde, software development for CNES and Thales Alenia Space), as well as spacecraft propulsion (Alta-Space, Universita’ di Pisa).

For the past five years, Luca has run several materials selection workshops and lectures at leading US universities (Georgia Tech, Arizona State, MIT, University of Michigan, etc.), and has published technical papers and book chapters for AIAA, IEEE, Acta Astronautica, and others.


July 21, 2019
July 24, 2019
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Ischia Porto, Italy