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CES EduPack Bulletin is the regular (approx 4 times per year) update for the Materials Education Community from Granta Design. Register below to receive a copy.

Sep 2016 CES EduPack Bulletin: Preparing students for Industry, Fresh ideas, and more...
May 2016 CES EduPack Bulletin: Symposia summary, Sustainability resources, Workshops, Webinars, and more ...
Jan 2016 CES EduPack Bulletin: CES EduPack 2016
Nov 2015 CES EduPack Bulletin: Green Engineering, Symposium speakers, Engaging students, Workshops, and more ...
Sep 2015 CES EduPack Bulletin: New webinars, downloadable resources, Symposia, training, events, and more ...
Apr 2015 CES EduPack Bulletin: Online lecture series, Symposia reports, download Mike Ashby lecture...
Feb 2015 CES EduPack Bulletin: 2015 release, downloadable resources, Symposia, training, events, and more...
Sep 2014 CES EduPack Bulletin: Engaging students, new resources, events, Symposia, courses, and more...
May 2014 Symposia report, 'Get ahead for the new academic year', community news, training…
Feb 2014 CES EduPack 2014, video, events, Symposia, reports, and more
Nov 2013 New Teaching Resources Website, downloads, Symposia, blog, events, and more...
[Also available: French language version]
Sep 2013 Latest teaching resources, call for abstracts, CES Selector 2014, events, and more...
Apr 2013 CES EduPack 2013 available, reports from Materials Education Symposia, guest speakers, and more...
Jan 2013 CES EduPack 2013, program for Materials Education Symposia, webinars, downloads, tips, and more
Nov 2012 Teaching resources, downloads, Symposia, blog, events, tips, and more...
Sep 2012 Latest teaching resources, call for abstracts, CES Selector 2013, events, tips, and more...
May 2012 Symposia reports, latest teaching resources, events, and tips...
Jan 2012 CES EduPack 2012, last call for Symposia...

You can also read the latest Teaching Resources Newsletter below. Visit the Teaching Resources Website to sign up.

Jan 2016 New Resources | Training | Tips and Tricks
Aug 2015 New Resources | Training | Tips and Tricks
Apr 2014 New Resources | Training | Tips and Tricks
Jul 2014 New Resources | Training | Events | Tips and Tricks | Careers



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