Learn Materials

A learning resource for students about materials: their properties, the processes which shape them, and the products we make from them.

Introduce your students to Materials

Materials are used by engineers and designers every day to create products for the world to use. Because of this, Materials Science and Engineering is highly interdisciplinary and relevant, yet few entering STEM fields are aware of it.

Learn Materials has been designed to support educators introducing the field of Materials to their students for the first time, whether that be in high school, freshman engineering courses, or STEM outreach programs. By providing this free, open online resource, we hope to help more students discover the world of materials science and encourage them to get involved in this great field.  

To learn more about this software, feel free to read our ASEE 2019 conference paper on the subject here.  (insert hyperlink:

A sequence of material and product images including: Ceramics, Cardboard, EVA, Titanium, A cheese-grater, Copper.

ANSYS Granta : Supporting Materials Education

Since Granta Design was founded in 1994, Granta has supported Materials Education through software, training and other resources. GRANTA EduPack is used at more than 1000 universities and colleges world wide to support materials teaching.

Learn Materials is a free online tool and as such we cannot provide dedicated help or assistance. However, if you would like to find out more about supporting undergraduate teaching with CES Edupack, you can arrange an online meeting with our Education Team.

How does it work?

Try out the ideas below.

Select with sliders

Move the sliders on the left to find materials with matching properties.

Search by use

Find out which materials are used in which type of product by searching.

Narrow down processes

Select a material type to find compatible processes.

Plot Properties

Choose properties to plot on the scatter plot tab. Hover over your chart to view material names.

Rank by property

Use the List view to rank and sort materials, processes or products by properties you select.

Open Records

Click on a thumbnail to open its record. Double-click an image to see the bigger picture.


Find out more about materials, their properties and what they are used for.


Understand what different manufacturing processes can achieve and which materials they can be used with.


Discover the materials used in real products, and why they were chosen.

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