Ongoing Development

At Granta, we are open about what we have in development to improve GRANTA EduPack, so that we can get maximum feedback from the community that use it. We go through a process of gathering ideas, scoping, prototypes, user testing, and finally release. Keep up-to-date with all our developments and give feedback on what you think works well or not so well.

Latest resources

Explore the newest resources! Download them and give us your opinion.

New Case Study Unit

Explore how EduPack can be used to identify and assess the optimum materials for a total hip replacement – with a specific look at the roles of the main material classes in the implant.

New Teaching Package

Check out the Materials, Science and Engineering Teaching Package, created to support the new MS&E Edition. Let us know what you think about the progress so far!

Products, Materials and Processes database

Engaging students and showing them the value of learning about materials.

Latest Case Studies

Discover our new Industrial real case studies.

New developments

Social Life-Cycle Assessment (S-LCA) and Social Impact Audit Tool

In the last 20 years, we have seen many attempts to introduce sustainability in STEM curricula, including materials education, for undergraduates. With the introduction of United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, there is an increased sense of urgency in educating students about sustainability. GRANTA EduPack already offers an easy-to-use Eco Audit Tool allowing student to explore the environmental impact of product life. It also contains cost models that expose some of the economic aspects. Extending our work on Eco Audit, we further delved into social lifecycle assessment of materials.

Phase Diagrams

New phase diagrams and failure case studies

This year sees the release of the Materials Science and Engineering Edition, a project that we have been working on over the last three years. We are already looking to add some Ceramic Phase Diagrams but would like to gather some good failure case studies too. If you have some interesting ideas, let us know!

Medical MaterialUniverse

Medical Device Database

We are currently working on a new datatable which will form part of the Bioengineering Edition. We are very keen to hear from educators teaching with GRANTA EduPack who cover medical device design – what data would help you the most?

Learn Materials

Learn Materials

This year we are launching a prototype, STEM outreach, which is an online materials database, designed to engage students in the topic of Materials. The database will be an open resource and shall combine Materials, Process data and Inspiring Products. Once again, feedback is welcomed!

Process Universe GIFs

Process Animations

To help students understand different processes, a GIF will be embedded in the relevant GRANTA EduPack record. To begin with we are creating GIFs for the Additive Manufacturing processes but eventually we would like to provide animations for all processes. Let us know what you think about the progress so far!

What's new for 2020?

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Teaching Resources

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