Download Information Pack for Educators

Thank you for your interest. The next step is to arrange an online meeting to find out more about GRANTA EduPack.

1. White Paper >

– Find out how GRANTA EduPack is used by Educators all over the world across the Engineering curriculum.

2. Video >

– Watch a demonstration of how GRANTA EduPack can be used in teaching. There are 10 topics, from an introductory to an advanced level, so skip to the section that is most relevant to you.

3. Micro-Projects >

– Download sample Micro Project to support Active Learning in the areas of Materials Science and Sustainability.

4. Advanced Industrial Case Study >

– Find inspiration for your next design project course with one of our advanced industrial case studies e.g. material selection for a skateboard. 

5. GRANTA EduPack 2020 Overview >

– Take a look at this 2-page summary of GRANTA EduPack and then pass it on to your colleagues. 

Teaching Resources

Explore more teaching resources, some of which are available as Open Educational Resources whilst others are restricted to licensed CES EduPack users.