Video tutorials

Playlist: CES EduPack Getting Started 

CES EduPack is used at over 1,000 universities and colleges worldwide to support Materials Education from teaching of introductory materials topics to post-graduate courses. CES EduPack features enhancements and resources to get students up-to-speed even faster, enabling them to engage with the world of materials. Watch these video tutorials to learn how to use the main features of CES EduPack.

Playlist: CES EduPack Graph/Charts

Graphs in CES EduPack are a very powerful tool. They can be used to compare the performance of materials or processes; give a perspective on the range of materials available; demonstrate how we can manipulate the properties of materials or they can be used to select materials or manufacturing processes for a design.

Playlist: CES EduPack Selection tools

In these video tutorials, we will look at the software interface and introduce the Select tools that allow creating graphs and selection projects. These tutorials also show you how to plot a bar chart or bubble chart and copy it in to another program.

Playlist: CES EduPack Advanced databases

The Level 3 database contains detailed information near to 4000 materials and 230 generic manufacturing processes. In these video tutorials, we will look at the software interface and see how it allows you to browse information in Level 3.

Playlist: Eco Design and Sustainability

Learn how to use CES EduPack to assess the environmental impacts of materials and products, as well as the Sustainability aspects of materials selection.

Playlist: CES EduPack Databases

This playlist goes through the different specialist databases available in CES EduPack.

Playlist: CES EduPack for Research

CES EduPack provides access to a comprehensive library of materials data plus tools to chart, analyze, and include up to 10 materials of your research in the software.

Playlist: CES EduPack Tools

Learn how to use the different tools available in CES EduPack.

Playlist: CES EduPack Help

Learn about the different way you can get help using CES EduPack and learn more about Material Selection. This playlist also features the Installation and Support video tutorial to help install CES EduPack and access the support page.


Individual Video Tutorials