Granta throughout your career

Find out about materials information technology tools that you may encounter in your career in industry.

GRANTA EduPack is created by Cambridge University spin-out company Ansys Granta for use in Materials Education.

Granta is also the leader in the field  of Materials Information Technology for industry and research.  Materials Information Technology software enables organizations to manage all of the valuable data, information, and related knowledge that they build up about the engineering materials that they use in their products, and to apply this ‘material intelligence’ to make smart decisions. 

Granta works with organizations like Airbus, Boeing, Fraunhofer Institutes, Jaguar Land Rover, General Motors, Honeywell, NASA, Rolls-Royce, and many US National Labs. GRANTA Selector, the industrial version of the materials selection software used in CES EduPack, helps these enterprises to select the right materials. GRANTA MI is the leading system for managing materials information in engineering enterprises.

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GRANTA Selector

Product information on GRANTA Selector for industry - smart materials decisions.


Product information on GRANTA MI - manage corporate materials information.