Granta web seminars

Granta web seminars for all Materials Educators

Our regular web seminars are for anyone with an interest in Materials Education, covering ideas for teaching materials, case studies from industry and education, examples of the use of the CES EduPack resources, and previews of resources that we are working on.

Current web seminar program

  Materials Science & Engineering PackageTeaching introductory materials science and engineering courses
Hear leading materials educator Professor Mike Ashby discuss key principles for teaching introductory courses in materials science and engineering.
  CES EduPack 2018Throughout the Engineering Curriculum - CES EduPack 2018
Join Professor Mike Ashby for a tour of CES EduPack 2018. See the big picture ñ how this new version of the leading materials education resources can support teaching across campus and throughout the curriculum.
Renishaw guest speakerGuest Speaker from Renishaw: The importance of materials selection in industry
Join us to hear Dr Rhodri Lewis discuss the importance of good materials selection and explain how skills developed using CES EduPack as a student have helped him to make an impact working for this global leader in precision measurement, healthcare equipment, and additive manufacturing.
CES EduPack 2018Enseña materiales en tus cursos con CES EduPack 2018
Únete a nosotros para hacer un recorrido por CES EduPack 2018. Observa el panorama general: cómo esta nueva versión de los principales recursos de educación sobre materiales puede apoyar la enseñanza en todo el campus y en todo el plan de estudios.
Smart FortwoTürverkleidung des Smart Fortwo
Registrieren Sie sich für das nächsten Fallstudien-Webinar in dem wir an dem Beispiel des Smart ForTwo Autos die Materialauswahl, Kosten und Gewichtsreduzierung mittels Verbundwerkstoffen genauer betrachten werden.
CES EduPack 2018Enseignement efficace des matériaux avec CES EduPack 2018
Prenez part à ce séminaire pour découvrir la dernière version de CES EduPack, la ressource clé pour enseigner les disciplines liées aux matériaux. Vous verrez comment les dernières évolutions soutiennent l’enseignement à travers tous les cursus du campus.
  Electric vehiclesElectric Vehicles: Magnets and Critical Materials
Join this case study webinar for an electric vehicle case study in which we’ll explore how to consider the full lifecycle of a product when making materials decisions.
  Additive materialsIndustry Case Study: Informed Additive Manufacturing Research
Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a rapidly-evolving and exciting technology. How can you stay up-to-date? And how do you assess AM innovations against conventional technologies? In this webinar, we’ll show you!
  BioengineeringEnabling student projects in bioengineering and medical devices
Join us for a case study demonstration of materials selection for a medical device. We’ll show data and software tools that can be used to set up realistic and engaging student projects.
  Active learningMake active learning easy
Are you starting to flip your classroom? Do you want your students to think for themselves. In this webinar we’ll explore tools that could help you as you, including ‘micro projects’: 1-hour long activities with supporting follow-up assignments that help students to learn about materials.

Online Case Study sessions for CES EduPack users

In addition to the open web seminars above, Granta runs regular Quarterly Case Study sessions, providing ideas for educators who are using CES EduPack in their courses (note, these sessions is not open to students).

Find out about online Case Study sessions 


Using the WebEx system for Granta web seminars

Granta uses the WebEx system to support our web seminars and online training. Anyone with an Internet-connected computer should be able to join via a web browser. You can either stream the audio through your computer or (recommended for optimal performace) dial in using a telephone. The system should work well with most personal computers, but it is always worth testing it before your first attendance at an online event, as it may need to install some components in your browser.

More information on testing and troubleshooting WebEx