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Recommended Edition: Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Edition

Enhances the standard CES EduPack Materials & Processes database with data to analyze social and environmental impact. The standard data provides engineering data for three levels of study, from an initial subset of the most common 69 materials, to comprehensive coverage of over 3,900 materials. This Edition adds data on durability, carbon footprint, criticality and country of origin. It includes demographic, economic, environmental, and social data for 210 Nations of the world, and summaries of regulations and legislation that impact materials. Lastly, data on low carbon power systems and energy storage also support case studies.

A 5-step method for assessing sustainability within project-based learning or a workshop has been developed. Templates and case studies help educators run these workshops. The Enhanced Eco Audit Tool enables in-depth study of environmental impact and cost through the product lifecycle. The Synthesizer Tool helps model the properties of hybrid materials (useful for lightweighting) and allows you to explore the economics of design using the Part Cost Estimator.

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