Working Together

There are many different ways we work with the Materials Education community.

A history of development and collaboration

Cambridge Engineering Selector, which became CES EduPack and ultimately GRANTA EduPack, was originally developed as part of the first computer-aided teaching project at the Engineering Department of the University of Cambridge. Professors Mike Ashby and Dave Cebon found that many colleagues, first within the department and then even at other Universities were asking for a copy of the software, and that is how Granta Design was founded.

Now GRANTA EduPack is used all over the world and across many different subject areas. As the different Editions for different subjects and language versions have developed, we have relied on academics who are passionate about using EduPack in their teaching to give us guidance and feedback to make sure that EduPack can suit ever more teaching situations.

Collaborate with us

Granta Design works with the Materials Education community in many different ways. We listen to and work with those that use GRANTA EduPack and also those that don’t. Here are some examples of how we collaborate:

Web Seminars

Participate as a guest speaker for one of our webinars and share your teaching experiences with the Materials Education Community.  

Interesting Teaching Resource

Share an interesting teaching resource with the 1000+ universities that use GRANTA EduPack.

Design Projects

Visit our offices and work with our specialist team on a new project e.g. a new case study or a new database.

Keep up-to-date

Keep up-to-date with all the latest developments and give us feedback on new prototypes.

Materials Selection

Join us at a training workshop or short course where you will dig a little deeper into GRANTA EduPack and have hands-on demos created by Professor Mike Ashby.

Exchange teaching ideas at a unique 2-day Materials Education Symposia and meet other enthusiastic educators from around the world. 


Contribute a Teaching Resource

Have you created something for your teaching that is worth sharing with the 1000+ universities that use GRANTA EduPack? If yes, get in contact with our Education Resources Team.

We really enjoy seeing what you have done and are happy to be able to share resources across our community. Resources in languages other than English are particularly useful!

See some of the contributions we currently have in our Teaching Resources


Get in contact

Have you got a teaching resource you would like to share? Or perhaps a development idea for GRANTA EduPack? Let us know!

Ongoing development

There are a number of projects currently ongoing including areas such as resources for ‘Introduction to Materials’, Process Universe updates and a new datatable on medical devices.

Our academic collaborators

Meet some of the academics that collaborate with us and learn a little more about what kinds of projects they have been involved in.