How do I get GRANTA Selector?

Find out how you can get hold of GRANTA Selector for use in your research or materials teaching.

Already have a license?

If you’re an educator or researcher who already has a license to GRANTA Selector and just needs to download and install the software, visit our Support pages.


Interested in licensing GRANTA Selector?

Licensing options

GRANTA Selector is typically available on an Annual license, covering a single year or multiple years.

The license can cover:

  • Individuals, e.g., for use in a research project
  • Research groups
  • Courses or classes, e.g., for use in an advanced teaching project
  • Departments or even campuses for use as a wider resource

Choose data and tools

GRANTA Selector provides core functionality: the MaterialUniverse database plus tools to browse, search, chart, and select.

There are then a range of options which enable you to tailor your copy of GRANTA Selector to your needs:

  • Specialist data on polymers, metals, composites, additive manufacturing, medical applications, and simulation
  • Optional tools: Eco Audit, Synthesizer, FE Exporters

For more details see ‘What is GRANTA Selector?.

Contact us to arrange a meeting and discuss your specific needs.

What does it cost?

The cost of GRANTA Selector will depend on your choice of license, the options that you select for data and software tools, and the size of the project, class, department, or campus that you would like to support.

Contact us to arrange meeting.  We’ll be happy to discuss your needs, define the right GRANTA Selector package for you, and provide you with a quote.

What is GRANTA Selector?

GRANTA Selector combines comprehensive materials property data with advanced graphical analysis and selection tools.