What is GRANTA EduPack?

GRANTA EduPack is a unique set of teaching resources that support Materials Education across Engineering, Design, Science and Sustainable Development.

GRANTA EduPack is a unique set of teaching resources that support Materials Education across Engineering, Design, Science and Sustainable Development.

GRANTA EduPack provides:

GRANTA EduPack is divided into three levels so that students access a suitable level of materials information as they progress through their studies i.e. from pre-university up to postgraduate courses. For materials selection in research, find out about GRANTA Selector.

It has also been designed to support a wide variety of teaching styles from the design-led and science-led approaches to problem-based teaching. You can read more about this support here.

Software CES EduPack

Benefits of GRANTA EduPack:

  • Enjoy teaching engaged students using interactive, visual software
  • Teach transferable skills, including rational materials selection
  • Save time finding reliable materials data
  • Keep courses up-to-date with the latest resources and data (recent additions cover sustainability and Additive Manufacturing)
  • Use self-study resources to stretch stronger students and to help others catch up
  • Apply real industrial case studies
  • Encourage inter-disciplinary learning, communication, and sharing of resources

Some ways in which CES EduPack can help your teaching

Reliable materials information

Get reliable information

Educators often need materials information: property data or application information to illustrate a lecture, comparative data between materials, data sets for student projects. The GRANTA EduPack database contains an unrivalled library of reliable materials information.

Materials Selection

Systematic materials selection

Choosing the right material for an engineering application, or finding a suitable replacement, is a key skill in industry. GRANTA EduPack makes it easy to learn and apply the rational selection methodology pioneered by Prof Mike Ashby, the standard approach to this problem.

Design Projects

Support design projects

Project-based teaching is valuable for Engineering, Design, and Science degrees. Students synthesize knowledge and learn professional skills like teamwork, communication, and project management. With data, tools, and resources such as project ideas and student exercises, GRANTA EduPack supports this learning.

Sustainable development

Teach sustainable development

Engineering curricula increasingly require coverage of sustainability. This is a complex, multi-disciplinary subject, and introducing it to students can be a challenge. GRANTA EduPack provides tools, sustainability-related data, and a methodology to help.

Materials Science & Engineering

Introduce materials science & engineering

Support introductory teaching of Materials Science and Engineering topics with a set of resources that allows students to explore the relationships between the Processing, Structure and Properties of materials.

Arrange a meeting

The best way to evaluate EduPack is to see it in action. Arrange an online meeting during which we can discuss your teaching and show you how GRANTA EduPack can help.

How do I get it?

For educators with a GRANTA EduPack license: how to download it. If you don’t yet have a license, find out how to get one. Students should contact their university for access.

Does it support my subject?

Find out how GRANTA EduPack Editions supports different levels of teaching in subjects across engineering, design, and science.

What do other educators say?

Read reviews from educators who already used GRANTA EduPack. Download a paper to see how they have incorporated it into their teaching.