How do I get GRANTA EduPack?

Educators - find out how you can get hold of GRANTA EduPack for use in your materials teaching. Students - contact your university for information.

Already have a license?

If you’re an educator who already has a license to GRANTA EduPack and just needs to download and install the software, visit our Support pages.



Interested in licensing GRANTA EduPack?

Granta has worked closely with the materials education community over 20 years to develop a flexible licensing model and to support educators and their departments in implementing GRANTA EduPack to support their teaching.

  • An annual license is purchased to cover use with a specific group of students: this could be for one course, a department or a campus.
  • You can choose between a 1 year license or a Multi Year license. 
  • The license enables you to download the EduPack software, distribute it to students, and use supporting teaching resources.
  • Renewal at the end of the license period provides access to the latest updated version of EduPack.


A perpetual lab license is purchased once and does not expire.

It is installed on a fixed number of PCs, typically in a computer lab.

Educators can keep the software up-to-date by purchasing maintenance but have the security of knowing that they have GRANTA EduPack forever when using it in a teaching facility without the requirement to distribute it to students.


GRANTA EduPack is available in different versions and with a range of data that tailors its application to different subjects and levels of study. 

Contact us to arrange meeting.  We’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs.


The cost of GRANTA EduPack will depend on your choice of license and the size of the class, department, or campus that you would like to support.

Typically, the cost of a license works out cheaper per student, per year than the average cost of a textbook.

Contact us to arrange meeting.  We’ll be happy to discuss your needs, define the right GRANTA EduPack package for you, and provide you with a quote.

Arrange a meeting

The best way to evaluate EduPack is to see it in action. Arrange an online meeting at which we can discuss your teaching and show you how GRANTA EduPack can help.

What data is available?

GRANTA EduPack provides a comprehensive database of materials and process information.

What do I buy?

Find out which version of EduPack will support your teaching.

Get in touch

For further questions about GRANTA EduPack or GRANTA Selector, contact the Education Team and will be in touch soon.