Granta EduPack: sample datasheets

GRANTA EduPack gives students access to an extensive and reliable database of materials and processes.

Three different levels to support teaching from introductory classes to advanced projects

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Who for? Introductory-level students Intermediate-level students Advanced/graduate students
Provides Introduction to the ‘world’ of materials and processes Structured methodology for more in-depth investigations The full materials and process database, as used in industry, with added design notes
Purpose Stimulates exploration of the world of materials and processes, explains properties and their origins Develops understanding of the role of materials and processes in design, and skill in selecting them Assists advanced teaching, design projects, and research
Content 69 materials and 75 processes with limited datasets (See a complete list), as well as Images, Science Notes, and links to textbooks. 100 materials and 116 processes with increased information, as well as Images, Science Notes and links to textbooks. >3900 materials and >200 processes (the full professional database). Design Notes offering practical guidance to students involved in project work, helping to reduce common selection mistakes.
Sample content: Aluminium Level 1 datasheet > Level 2 datasheet > Level 3 datasheet >
Sample content: Die casting Level 1 datasheet > Level 2 datasheet > Level 3 datasheet >
Sample content: Science Note Young’s Modulus science note >

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Software tools

GRANTA EduPack’s tools enable students to use the data provided to learn more about materials.