GRANTA EduPack is the new name for the world-leading teaching resource for materials in engineering, science, processing, and design. The 2020 version replaces the previous CES EduPack.

What is GRANTA EduPack?

GRANTA EduPack is a unique set of teaching resources that support Materials Education across Engineering, Design, Science and Sustainable Development.


Learn more about our comprehensive database of materials and process information.


Our tools and resources support teaching for any subject in which materials is a relevant topic, from pre-university to post-graduate.

Users and Reviews

GRANTA EduPack is used at over 1,400 universities and colleges worldwide to support Materials Education.


See how GRANTA EduPack supports teaching in subjects across Engineering, Design, and Science.

How do I get it?

How GRANTA EduPack is licensed. Or how to download it if you are already licensed. 

What's new?

GRANTA EduPack 2020 delivers a fresh look, databases for biomedical and design courses, and more.