October 15, 2018
What is this Edition?
Sustainable Development Edition

Contents: As well as advanced data on materials and processes, the database also contains data on Nations of the World, Elements, and Energy Systems to help students take the broadest possible view of sustainability. Accompanying teaching packages with handouts and templates help educators deliver great workshops and courses on this topic.

Applicable to: Any course covering sustainability.

Learning outcomes supported
  • Understand classes of materials, their properties, and the underlying reasons for those properties.
  • Understand how to use data rigorously and work with uncertain data.
  • Assess environmental impacts of products over their life cycles and understand trade-offs.
  • Understand the interaction between materials and manufacturing processes and how this affects selection and design.
  • Balance natural, social, and manufactured capital in a way that takes stakeholder opinions into account.
Databases & tools
Level 1 Database Level 2 Sustianability Database Level 3 Sustianability Database
Enhanced Eco Audit Tool Synthesizer Tool

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Teaching & learning resources
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