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Video: CES Selector - Rational Material Selection for a Medical Forceps

CES Selector is used for advanced teaching and research and at industrial companies to select materials and processes, compare research data to reference data and present data in a visual way. This video goes through a case study illustrates the use of a selection methodology, implemented using CES Selector (TM), for the medical device industry. Medical forceps are devices typically used to grasp objects that are too small for a surgeon to hold. In this particular case study the goal is to find new materials that could potentially be used for the handles of these forceps, while minimising cost and volume.

Authors | Institution:
Sarah Egan | Granta Design
Type | Language | Year:
MP4 | English | 2014
biocompatibility, Biomedical, Biopolymer, Case study, CES Selector, Materials selection, Medical Device, Performance Indices, Video,
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