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Project File: Material Properties and Structural Sections part 2/2

When materials are used for structural support, in buildings and general construction, the shape is as fundamental as the material properties themselves. This shape determines how effective the material is fulfilling its structural function, such as beams supporting loads in bending etc. The influence of the shape is usually separated from the visual process of material selection in CES EduPack. However, there exists a data-table of standard structural sections.

This Case study session deals with selection of structural sections and complementary Finite Element simulations. A good material choice is beneficial as input in a simulation where details about the shape can be explored and the free design parameter used in CES EduPack can be determined.

Authors | Institution:
Claes Fredriksson and David Mercier | ANSYS Granta
Type | Language | Year:
CES | English | 2019
Materials selection, Proejct File, Steel,
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