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Project File: Aluminum Strengthening

Strength, or a materials ability to resist fracture, is a property commonly tailored for specific applications by materials scientists and metallurgists. In metals, this can be altered by changing how dislocations move through the crystal lattice. But how does one go about altering this mechanical property? In the simplified case study, we go over three different strengthening mechanisms highlighted in the new MS&E Edition Structure Science Notes as well as show how these different mechanisms impact mechanical properties in various aluminium alloys through the Property-Process Profiles. This project file contains the plot of Fracture Toughness vs. Yield Strength from the case study document. The chart was made in the MS&E Edition of CES EduPack and is fully labeled for clarity.

Authors | Institution:
Kaitlin Tyler and Claes Fredriksson | Granta Design
Type | Language | Year:
CES | English | 2019
Aluminum, Dislocations, MSE, Precipitation, Project File, Property-Process Profiles, Science Notes, Strengthening, Structure,
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