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Project File: Railway Lightweighting Materials Mg Bodyshell Material

In this Industrial Case Study we take a look at potential materials for lightweighting trains and railway transportation. EduPack is used to investigate different components in order to reduce the weight and environmental impact. A reduction in the unsprung mass, for example, will help to reduce both energy consumption and track damage. Several types are considered, such as high speed, goods and passenger trains as well as both light-metals and composite material substitutes. A comparison with truck-based road transport systems and the use of structural composites is also made.

Authors | Institution:
Claes Fredriksson and Susannah Cooke | Ansys Granta
Type | Language | Year:
CES | English | 2020
lightweighting, Magnesium, Materials selection, Project File, Railway, Stainless Steel, Steel, Transportation,
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