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Case Study Unit: Stainless Steels

CES EduPack has always been excellent for teaching a design-driven approach to materials for engineers and designers. In addition, there are some embedded binary phase diagrams and textbook-style support for materials science in the Science Notes. In the new Materials Science and Engineering (MS&E) edition 2019, however, these parts have been made more visible and are supplemented with features to boost introductory MS&E teaching and learning. In this simplified industrial case study, we look at how to bridge science and engineering by exploring the novel Phase Diagram Tools and MS&E data-tables to facilitate the understanding of stainless steels and Ni-Cr alloys. Both of which are crucial in many everyday products. This presentation serves to supplement teaching alongside this case study.

Authors | Institution:
Claes Fredriksson and Harriet Parnell | Granta Design
Type | Language | Year:
PPT | English | 2019
Case study, CES EduPack, Materials science and Engineering, MSE, Phase Diagrams, Presentation, Stainless Steel,
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