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Lecture Unit 6: The Materials Science and Engineering Package

The CES EduPack Materials Science and Engineering (MS&E) Edition is designed to support introductory materials science teaching. The relationship between Processing, Structure and Properties is at its core. There are six main focus areas: elements, materials, processes, property-process profiles, phase diagrams, and materials selection. New to this edition are the Phase Diagram focus area, with its interactive Lever Rule tool, and the Propery-Process Profiles, which highlights the important connection between properties and common processing techniques. This presentation goes over the details of this edition, the database structures, and how the new tools can be used to teach various introductory materials science topics.

Authors | Institution:
Granta Design | Granta Design | 2018
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PPT | English | 2018
Elements, Lecture Unit, lever rule, Materials, Materials science and Engineering, Materials selection, Materials Tetrahedron, MSE, Performance, Phase Diagrams, Presentation, Processes, Processing, Properties, Property-Process Profiles, Structure,
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