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Case Study Unit: Biomaterials Selection for a Joint Replacement

How do we make the right materials choices for bioengineering applications? We can draw on our biomaterials data to address this question using the CES platform, both for teaching bioengineering students and for making materials selection choices in the biomedical field. In this advanced industrial case study, we'll explore how CES EduPack can be used to identify and assess the optimum materials for a total hip replacement - with a specific look at the roles of the main material classes in the implant. This powerpoint serves as a suppolemental teaching tool to support incorporating the case study into the classroom.

Authors | Institution:
Claes Fredriksson, Harriet Parnell and Lakshana Mohee | Granta Design
Type | Language | Year:
PPT | English | 2018
bioengineering, Biomaterials, Biomedical, Case study, hip implant, Materials, Powerpoint, Selection, Supplemental, Teaching,
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