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Case Study Unit: Automotive Door Panels

The aim of this resource is to support advanced teaching of materials selection where real-life applications are desirable. In this advanced industrial case study, we have investigated the lightweighting of an automotive exterior door panel. Inspired by the plastic panels in the Smart ForTwo car, we studied the suitability of polymer-based materials as a replacement for metals. The selection procedure is described in detail and the result is then compared with the actual material used in the car. We have used the Synthesizer tool to create a natural fiber reinforced polymer composite alternative and to estimate and compare part costs with metals. This presentation serves to accompany the Case Study file.

Authors | Institution:
Claes Fredriksson, Nicolas Martin | Granta Design
Type | Language | Year:
PPT | English | 2018
Automotive, Case study, CES EduPack, Cost, Industrial, Materials, Presentation, Selection, Teaching,
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