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Paper: The CES EduPack Products, Materials and Processes Database

Well-designed products provide both function and satisfaction. Materials and processes play a key role in achieving both. This White Paper that supports the Products, Materials and Processes (PMP) database for design and product development. The PMP database is more visual and image-based than the other databases of CES EduPack. It also contains Aesthetic attributes, such as the feeling of hard or soft and warm or cold to touch. This database is an add-on to the regular editions of CES EduPack.

Authors | Institution:
Magda Figuerola, Qiuying Lai, Mike Ashby | Granta Design
Type | Language | Year:
PDF | English | 2016
CES EduPack, Database, Design, Engineering, Industrial Design, Materials, PMP, Processes, Products, White Paper,
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