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Paper: Medical Devices Database

Medical devices are a great source of inspiration when demonstrating real-life applications of biomaterials. But the human body is complex and the number of medical devices is vast-- how do we introduce these topics to our students? This White Paper explores the Medical Devices database within Granta EduPack, which is new for 2020. Designed to bring biomaterials to life, it combines engaging illustrations with easy links between devices, their constituent materials and FDA approved examples. Details regarding its contents, organization and potential to personalize the learning are also discussed. 

Authors | Institution:
Harriet Parnell, Mike Ashby | Ansys Granta, University of Cambridge
Type | Language | Year:
PDF | English | 2020
bioengineering, Biomaterials, Biomedical Engineeering, CE mark, Database, FDA, Introductory, Materials, Medical devices, Regulation,
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