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Paper: Fibers in the CES EduPack

Past editions of the CES EduPack have contained records for a limited number of fibers. In the MS&E edition, the number of fiber-types has been expanded from 19 to 31, with particular emphasis on the new "super-fibers" and their properties. The nomenclature and units that are standard in the textile community (denier, tex, gf/denier, cN/tex etc) are introduced in the records to make them intelligible to both engineers and textile scientists. All are defined and explained in associated Science notes. This paper provides details on this new data edition to CES EduPack.

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Mike Ashby | Granta Design
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PDF | English | 2019
CES EduPack, denier, Education, Fabrics, Fibers, Materials, super-fibers, tex, Textiles, White Paper,
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