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Micro-Projects: Eco and Sustainability

These Micro-projects are short investigations of Materials aspects of Environment and Sustainability that can be completed in less than an hour. Each poses a set of questions that can be answered using the CES EduPack Sustainability database. All start at a level that is readily accessible, using the SEARCH function to find records, creating charts using the CHART/SELECT function, and extracting relevant data from a Record and its linked SCIENCE NOTES. Notes in blue give guidance. Each Micro-project has an attached Discussion Point - a challenge to go further - highlighted in red. The Discussion Point poses a question linked to or arising from the micro-project. Responding to the Discussion point requires independent thought and research and is an add-on for more advanced study.

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Mike Ashby | Granta Design
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ZIP | English | 2018
Activities, CES EduPack, environment, Microprojects, Sustainability,
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