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Exercises: Advanced Industrial Case Study - Selection and Sustainability of High-Temperature Aerospace Materials

This case study webinar for academics explores high-temperature candidate materials, in particular nickel- and cobalt-based superalloys and technical ceramics, for aerospace and automotive applications. Inspired by an industrial research conference presentation, we have studied the suitability of ceramic turbine blades as alternatives to metal alloys for aerospace and automotive applications. We describe the selection procedure in detail and compare the result with the currently used Inconel 713 superalloy. We also discuss how environmental and sustainability aspects can be included in this case.

Authors | Institution:
Claes Fredriksson and Luca Masi | Ansys Granta
Type | Language | Year:
PDF | English | 2020
Aerospace, Cobalt, High-temperature, Key words Transportation, Materials selection, Nickle-based, Superalloys, Sustainability,
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