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Multiple Choice Questions: The Materials Science and Engineering Package

These questions are written in GIFT format, so that they may be easily uploaded into Moodle or other Virtual learning environments. Some of the questions are a little repetitive so that you can choose which ones best suit your course and swap them from year to year. Contents: Functional, Materials, Phase Diagrams (Reading points from phase diagrams, Identifying phases in given conditions, The Lever Rule, calculating weight fractions and compositions, Reactions), Crystal structures, Process-Property Profiles (1. Alloying and Working: Copper alloys, 2. Heat Treatment: carbon and alloy steels, 3. Alloying and heat treatment: stainless steels, 4. Alloying and heat treatment: aluminum alloys, 5. Filling and reinforcement: polymers, 6. Powder processing: alumina, 7. Foaming)

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Granta Design, Andy Horsewell | Granta Design, DTU Denmark | 2017
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ZIP | English | 2017
Crystal Structures, exercises, Introductory, lever rule, Materials, Materials science and Engineering, Moodle, Phase Diagrams, Property-Process Profiles,
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