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Eco Product Files: Sample Products for Levels 1-3 Eco Audit 2017

This download contains the 2019 Eco Audit Sample Product Files outlined in the Eco Audit Tool white paper, Lecture Unit 12 and more. These files can be opened from the Eco Audit Tool in CES EduPack. Level 3 files can be opened in the Enhanced Eco Audit Tool, which enables analysis of cost, and accounts for secondary machining processes as well as finishing and joining processes, manufacturing waste and probability of end-of-life material recovery. Includes the following product files: Mineral water bottle - PET (all Levels), Mineral water bottle - Glass (all Levels), Electric Kettle (all Levels), Family car (all Levels), Hair dryer simple (Level 1 and 2) and detailed (Level 2), Iron (all Levels), Portable space heater (all Levels), Toaster (all Levels), Wind Turbine (Level 2 and 3).

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Mike Ashby, Arlindo Silva | Granta Design
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ZIP | English | 2019
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